WARNING: If you intend to abuse our rental service, including theft, fraud, neglect, vandalism, or any other criminal or unethical purpose DO NOT PROCEED!

We report all criminal actions to police. All of our rental equipment is permanently and secretly marked for police identification.

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The following pages will lead you through the process of making a reservation request for the equipment and dates in your shopping cart.

You will be asked to provide your name, address and other information required to make your reservation.

After we receive your reservation request, we will perform our identity and security checks. Providing accurate and complete information will aid us in completing these checks. We may ask you for additional information. We reserve the right to decline the reservation request for any reason. If we decline the reservation, your rental fees will be refunded in full.

Do not use a credit card that is not printed with your name.

Payment is required to secure a reservation. Unpaid reservation requests can be lost if a subsequent customer places a reservation for the same item with competing dates.

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