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Canon 45mm f/2.8 TS-E Rental

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The Canon 45mm f/2.8 TS-E is a tilt and shift perspective control lens. The tilt & shift mechanism enables photographers to control the depth of field and correct image distortion to accomplish images that are not possible with a conventional lens. The tilt and shift controls allow you to:

  • Correct perspective distortion, such as when photographing tall buildings that regular lenses cause to appear to bow inwards
  • Shift unwanted reflections of yourself and camera out of mirrors and other reflective surfaces in the image
  • Exclude unwanted distractions from the foreground of a scene
  • Tilt the focus to bring a subject plane into focus when the subject is not parallel to the camera
  • Tilt the focus to only a specific part of a subject

The lens can be tilted vertically +/- 8 degrees and shifted horizontally +/- 11 mm.

This lens has a manual focus mechanism and does not support autofocus.


Fast Aperture: The large aperture of this lens helps give you fast shutter speeds in available light and excellent depth-of-field control.

Rental Details


Three day rental $76
Seven day rental $112
Custom rental $49 + $9 each day
Minimum Rental Term3 days

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