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Canon 600 EX RT Rental

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Canon's top-of-the-line 600 EX RT Speedlite is a high-output flash for all Canon EOS digital cameras, including all Rebel models. It is compatible with E-TTL II, E-TTL and TTL auto flash and external flash metering systems.

The 600 EX RT attached to the camera hotshoe can be used to remotely control through radio signal up to 15 other Canon 600 EX RT flashes. Alternatively, it can remote control through light signal any number of external Canon 580 EX II, 580 EX, 550 EX, 430 EX II, 430 EX, 420 EX, 320 EX or 270 EX II speed lights.

Using the Linked Shooting feature, one 600 EX RT can be used to remotely trigger up to 15 Canon EOS cameras equipped with 600 EX RT flashes or ST-E3-RT transmitters. This feature works with Canon camera models 1D X, 5D Mark III, 6D, 70D, Rebel T4i, T5i and SL1.

The flash head of the 600 EX RT is able to adjust from horizontal to vertical. It can also be twisted 180 degrees to either the left or right, allowing it to bounce light off a surface beside or behind the photographer.


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Three day rental $66
Seven day rental $102
Custom rental $39 + $9 each day
Minimum Rental Term3 days

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