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The Nikon 135mm f/2 D AF DC is a high-performance, telephoto, prime lens with AF autofocus and a unique bokeh tuning adjustment called "Defocus Control". It is described as "The King of Bokeh" by some lens reviewers. The f/2 maximum aperture is excellent for low-light photography or video. The Defocus Control of this lens allows you to adjust the amount of softness in out-of-focus areas of your image, either in the background or foreground. Using a wide aperture and deep distance behind a subject to achieve a pleasing, blurred background, commonly described as "bokeh" is a practiced technique in photography. This lens allows a photographer or videographer to take even more control of this aesthetic.

Important Autofocus Note

The autofocus mechanism of this lens requires a camera body with autofocus motor and drive screw. A list of compatible Nikon D-SLR camera bodies can be found here. This lens can be focused manually on cameras that do not have an autofocus motor.


Fast Aperture: The large aperture of this lens helps give you fast shutter speeds in available light and excellent depth-of-field control.

AF: The Nikon AF autofocus system of this lens is not compatible with Nikon cameras without a built-in autofocus motor and screw. The lens can be focused manually with these cameras.

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