How do I rent a lens?

Browse our rental catalogue and click on the lens you would like to rent. Enter the rental start and end dates you are interested in and click the 'Check Availability' button. If a lens is available for the dates you selected, add it to your shopping cart and check out when you are ready. Your lens rental will be shipped inside a professional case using Canada Post to arrive at your neighbourhood post office on or before the first day of your lens rental period. At the end of the lens rental, return the lens and all accessories to any Canada Post outlet using the pre-paid return shipping label included with the lens.

Do you have a retail store? Can I pick up and drop off my rental lenses?

No. Lens Lenders serves all of Canada exclusively through our website and shipping. We do not have the facilities, staff or insurance for customer visits.

Do you rent lenses for other camera brands?

We plan to grow as our customer needs do. If there is a rental lens you would like us to carry, please make a suggestion.

Is a deposit required?

Sometimes. If a deposit is required for security, we will let you know.

Do you sell insurance?

No. Our specialty is renting lenses, not selling insurance. You can purchase short-term insurance certificates for rented equipment through Gear Policy. You can also talk to your professional insurance agent or broker to ask about insurance coverage for rented property.

Can I pay with my credit card?

Yes. But only YOUR credit card. Do not use a credit card printed with another person's name.

Can I pay through Paypal?

Yes. Paypal is offered as a payment option when you complete your reservation.

Can I pay with an Interac E-Transfer?

Yes. Interac E-Transfer is offered as a payment option when you complete your reservation. Simply follow the instructions. You can read more about E-Transfers on the Interac website.

When will my payment be taken?

Your credit card or other payment choice will be charged when you pay for your reservation. Reservations are not booked unless paid.

I live in a province far-away. Will I have to pay a lot for shipping?

No. Shipping is free to anywhere in Canada.

Do I need to pay sales tax on the lens rental?

Yes. The GST or HST applicable to the province where the rental is shipped to will be added to your order.

When will my rental lens arrive?

Your rental lens will arrive on or before the first day of your lens rental period. Tracking information will be sent to your e-mail address.

Do I need to be home to take delivery of the rental lens?

No. All equipment is shipped with instructions to Canada Post to deliver directly to your neighbourhood post office for pick up.

When do I need to return the rental lens?

You have full use of the lens rental through to the end of the last day of your lens rental period. The lens should be returned to Canada Post by 4:00 PM after the last day of your rental period. You don't need to determine shipping time back to us. Your rental is complete when Canada Post scans the package bar code.

What if the rental lens is damaged during shipping?

We have never had a lens arrive to a customer damaged. In the unlikely event that your rental is damaged during shipping, please contact us immediately. You will not be responsible to pay for damages that occur during shipping.

How do I return the rental lens?

The rental lens will be delivered to you with a pre-paid, return shipping bag or label. Simply put the rental lens into the shipping case, the case into the shipping bag and and take the package to any Canada Post outlet. For large lenses that are shipped in a cardboard box, apply the return shipping label to the box. Return shipping costs are pre-paid.

Should I clean the rental lens before returning it?

No. Please leave cleaning and maintenance of rental lenses to us.

What if I am late returning the rental lens?

If you know that you will be late returning the rental lens, please contact us. We track the shipping status of our lenses and may contact you if the lens is late being returned to Canada Post. Late returns will incur a daily late fee until returned. Lenses that are not returned to us after 10 days of their due date will be considered lost and the customer will be billed for the lens replacement costs.

What if there is an accident and the rental lens is damaged? What if the rental lens is lost or stolen?

If something should happen to the lens while in your care, please contact us. Customers are responsible for all loss and damages to the rental lens while in their care. Any needed repairs must be performed by us. Please do not bring the rental lens to a repair centre yourself. Should a rental lens be lost or stolen while in your care, you will be responsible for the rental lens replacement costs. We recommend that customers contact their professional insurance agent or broker to ask about insurance coverage of rented property in their care prior to renting.

Where can I read the rental agreement?

The rental agreement is accessible from the website menu bar. You can also view it here.

Is Lens Lenders only in Canada?

Yes. Lens Lenders is exclusively Canadian. For lens rentals in the USA, we recommend BorrowLenses.com, LensRentals.com and CameraLensRentals.com.