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The Alien Bees B800 is a professional, self-contained studio flash with output power manually adjustable from 320 Watt-seconds down to 10 Ws. It can recycle to full power in one second but remains cool under use with built-in fan. The flash automatically charges or expels power when the output is adjusted, eliminating the need to manually trigger the flash after making adjustments. The B800 features a modelling light which can be switched to remain continuously on, off or set to adjust brightness to follow the selected output power.

The B800 can be triggered using a sync cord (included)connected to your camera or with the built-in slave sensor for wireless use with your camera's flash. If you are not sure about compatibility with your camera, just ask.

Note that the B800 is a fully manual, professional studio flash with no automatic functions or controls. You should be comfortable operating your camera in Manual mode, know the flash-sync shutter speed of your camera model and be practiced with using your camera's view screen and histograms to check and adjust exposure. (A hand-held light meter can also be used for checking exposure.)

This item must be used with an appropriate stand or other support able to safely support the flash and any light modifier mounted on it. The AB800 weighs 1.3 kg / 2.9 pounds. Stand and softbox rentals for this item are also available.